The Yi-Jing (otherwise known as the Classic of Changes) is an ancient book of Chinese divination. The Yi-Jing uses a form of cleromancy, in which coins or yarrow stalks are cast in order to determine an answer. In this case rather than the coins being cast by hand, they're cast by the computer!

In the Ancient Chinese reckoning, when interacting with the Yi-jing, you are interacting with The Sage. In this reckoning, The Sage is the ideal cosmic teacher and will respond to any question in the way that would most benefit the querent. The answer comes in the form of one or two hexagrams which represent prototypical situations in life and nature. Each hexagram comes with poems, which are designed to shed light on the nature of these situations so that the querent can better understand them.

Through the millenia the Yi-Jing has attracted a diverse collection of adherents including Confucious, Carl Jung, and Philip K. Dick. Even if not providing a method of communicating with divine elements of the universe it features beautiful writing, and many of its concepts are still incredibly relevant despite being nearly three thousand years old.

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