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The “Politics” of a Provocateur

On the subject of a particular person whose name begins with T and we know the rest.

I don’t want to speak about the man himself, watch the video for that. But I do want to talk about the current state of the world.

We live in a world which is changing rapidly. The social moorings by which our society has been held together are shifting at an unprecedented rate.

To many this is not surprising. Swift globalization that has come as a result of very efficient shipping and the fastest form of communication we’ve ever had, The Internet. These two things combined have given us access to whole new worlds that had previously been completely unavailable.

Before the creation of the cargo container, it would have been insanely expensive to get a whole variety of foreign imports. Before the modern internet, it would have taken months, weeks, or days to get information from one or two states over, let alone from the other side of the world!

Yet, this is the situation we find ourselves in. We’re in a world that is becoming closer and smaller. It’s scary! Being aware of the many goings on in the world is really overwhelming and it isn’t always easy to cope with.
Getting back to Mr. T (and not the one with the gold chains). He exploits this fear, he uses it to rally people around him. He’s a provocateur and he’s a very good one at that. It’s like and ongoing “Wardrobe Malfunction” that’s serving to drum up interest (NSFW link

However, it would be crazy to let a provocateur be the head of our government. Courting controversy is one thing if you’re trying to sell products or attract attention, it’s another thing entirely when it means leading a country and making life and death decisions.

Mr. T is supposedly an “outsider”. In the technology industry we have another name for that, “amateur”. And this is what it boils down to. A man riding on the coat-tails of fear and political disenfranchisement to make himself look more credible and “professional”.

It is always possible to achieve greatness, but we will never achieve it by going backwards. We must adapt to change, we must reinvent ourselves, and we must always open our minds to what is new.

Vote for anyone besides Mr. T (the one without the gold chains). Hell, vote for Mr. T (the one with the the gold chains), or for superman, or for any other candidate!

This has happened before elsewhere (, it would be stupid to let it happen again despite the slightly different guise.

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