Life is an evolution. It begins small, slowly grows, and it eventually matures to full form. As time has gone on, it has become easier to track the progress of personal evolution, and with it the ability to evolve more quickly and with greater intent.

The Nexus

My first attempt at a website was pretty poor. It was hacked together CSS with almost no real design to speak of and a bunch of HTML files that I would edit by hand.

Text blurred to protect the innocent.

The Nexus wasn't pretty but it was mine. A place for my teenage self to scream into the void and be angry at the world when I needed to be.

It's out there, though unless you knew exactly what to look for I doubt it would be found. It reminds me of what an angry young man I was, and it reminds me of how much I've grown in the time since I made the site.

I can still look back on it and be happy. I took the time to make something that was mine and it's something that lives on as a small monument to a small space in time.

Code Incarnate

Code Incarnate has been my outlet since around 2005. Initially it was an AJAXy monstrosity that I built for fun. An evolution that barely went beyond The Nexus and was thankfully short-lived.

After I took that monstrosity out to pasture I built the first website of mine that was actually a functioning piece of software. At this point, it's finally started to take shape into something that's decent and is far away from the green-on-teal monstrosity of yore.

A serious improvement

I started pulling my tweets into the site using Twitter's now mostly defunct API. I could even enter content in the site without manually tweaking HTML! It was incredible!

Most importantly perhaps, it signaled my shift from being a kid playing around with HTML and CSS to a budding software engineer.


Code Incarnate continued to evolve and began sporting a much better design. Reflecting the growth in my career and my skills it gained services, a portfolio, and a general description of the skills that I could offer.

Web 2.0 Ahoy!

In many ways, this stage was representative of my first foray into business and building things for myself. It's more sensible, calm, and beginning to get more interesting.

The Penultimate Version

As time has gone on, my vision has evolved with me. Code Incarnate was at times my business, but more than that it has been me. Or at least a version of me that I can present to the world in some way.

This version had a slimmed down and more minimal design. A lot more went into selecting the typefaces and working with the display of text as opposed to the overall visible display.


Until finally today, we reach here, The New Code Incarnate. This has been in the making for a long time, and it's the culmination of a lot of learning and thought. It's based on the Osprey Ghost Theme, which was created together with my partner in crime (and business) Megan.

The design works on mobile (finally) and is more visual than anything that came before it. More than that though, it's a new home, and has the tools necessary to help me express that ineffable quality that is me. There's going to be a lot going on here, and I'm looking forward to it all!

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