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Crazy China

China is large, packed with people, and chaotic. And while living in China it had often seemed to me like things were kind of crazy. Not a week would go by where someone would have some kind of mental breakdown in public. These would vary from mildly strange behavior to the violent outbreaks coming out of nowhere.

However, I hadn't had a good framework to place these in. I've been reading a lot of posts from @yxlumiere over on Medium and this one really opened my eyes.

To put it succintly, mental health is a huge issue in China. It's a high pressure place to live and I had always found it odd that a large number of people seem to be breaking apart a bit at the seams. I could go weeks or months in the United States without seeing someone do something like this, but in China it was an incredibly common occurence.

There's a deep line of ignoring problems that runs through Chinese culture and East Asian culture in general. It's sad to see it crop up this way if not entirely unsurprising.

Regardless, if you're like this remember that there is always help that you can find and even if things seem bad now they'll be OK.

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