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The moment he saw her he knew, he knew that things had changed completely. While we often think of ourselves as impacting events, we fail to realize that outside forces that impact us. She was such a force, a tide that swept him away like a small ship caught in The Perfect Storm.

Yet, despite his knowledge, he could not accept what happened to him. Wanting to be the master of his own life, he could not accept the gravity of the change that had impacted him. His emotions were out of touch and unpredictable. Like many others, he resented the thing which he did not have control over.

But, once planted a seed continues to grow. Like a seed, his thoughts and emotions grew. Like a tree slowly crumbling rocks, these thoughts and emotions slowly crumbled all the barriers he had built in himself. The pent up sadness and anger leaked out of him, and slowly faded into memory.

In doing so he felt his own fragility. Finally, he felt the true tragedy of his life. It wasn't the sad things that had happened to him. It wasn't the things he didn't have. It wasn't his lack of control. It was his illusion that he had control. Just as he was unable to control the storms, the seasons, or the tides he was unable even to control his own desires.

Through no thought or action of his own, he had fallen in love.

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