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Book Review: The Courage to Create

It's not every day that a book leaves an astounding and meaningful impact on your life. I can say without doubt that this book has had on me. Rollo May breaks down creativity and why courage is necessary to achieve that creativity.

Ultimately, the book wrestles with the simple paradox of human life, that we must create our lives even knowing that our lives will cease to exist. This is the courage that he speaks of and does so eloquently throughout the first part of the book. Indeed, we all feel the fear of death and of outward pressures. Yet, these are pressures that we ourselves must press against.

And, while creativity and art are often seen as the icing on top of the cake, May sees them as being foundational to life. Indeed, without the creative moment we can't function as we create ourselves throughout our lives. Without the creative moment we have no science, no math, no art, no music or any other thing in human society.

These are merely the cliff notes to what is a succint but powerful exploration of the human condition and art. It's a short book, weighing in at only 140 (short) pages. Buy it and read it, your life will be better for it!

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