Dissecting the iPhone 5

Like many, I awaited the iPhone 5 announcement with interest.  Admittedly, although I'm not an iPhone user I always enjoy seeing manufacturers push the bar on technology.  


To my suprise however, the annoucement was underwhelming.  A somewhat bigger screen, better performance, a new power connector and a new look.  All in all, not so different from the release of the iPhone 3GS.  While these are all very worthy updates, and the iPhone 5 undoubtedly looks like a great device, Apple is operating in a very different competitive landscape.

What Dreams Are Made Of

When traveling the world you genuinely get some interesting oppotunities.  I vividly remember reading about the Terracota Warriors in a history textbook while I was in the third grade.


Yep, just like this.


A Few Thoughts On China

I wanted to share a few observations I've had and that I've gotten from living in China.  One thing to keep in mind, this is a single perspective.  China is a large place and there are many different kinds of stories here.


With PHP It's All Ease of Use

It's happened again.  A well known technology blogger has decried the horrors that PHP has placed on the world and called to arms every programmer out there. This seems to be a neverending trend and in fact, a simple google search shows and endless stream of articles dedicated to trashing the language and every piece of software written in it.


Template Suggestions for the Entity Module

Many Drupal 7 modules are built on top of the invaluable Entity Module which makes much easier to implement custom entity types in Drupal.  Truly great for module developers!  However, like many Drupal modules, the documentation of the module is sparse to say the least.  This is especially true when it comes to theming.  Thankfully, the entity modules also makes theming a breeze.